The Nazareth Center for the Arts offers rental space of the gallery and classroom to a variety of groups, classes, get-togethers and meetings. Our facilities may be rented for a one-time event or for a group that meets on a regular basis. To rent a room for the purpose of conducting classes, all potential class renters must appear before the Board with a proposal which explains the type of class, number of classes, and the duration of class dates. The Board meets at 7pm on the second Monday of the month. Classroom renters must carry proof of their own liability insurance. 


Those using the facilities shall be responsible for bringing their own supplies. However, the renter will have access to cleaning supplies. Advertisements cannot be hung on the walls of the classroom or other rooms. However, NCA will list classes on our website. Renters are responsible for cleaning up when class is over, leaving it in the same condition as prior to arrival. Access to the vacuum cleaner, garbage bags, and cleaning supplies will be made available.

For more information about renting the Nazareth Center for the Arts facilities, please email info@nazaretharts.org.

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