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Header Artwork: ""CHEVRON" Archival Print on Fine Art Paper by Richard Begbie.


Open Hours: 12PM - 3PM Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

Hours are also available by appointment.

Please email us at to schedule a different time. 


Richard K. Begbie
Artist Statement

In my photographs, the viewer first sees the close-up views of realistic subjects. Through further examination, the abstract elements of the image force the viewer to experience the duality of the subject matter. I use my camera to provide a vision of the realistic image on a second aesthetic level but emphasizes the abstract components of both line and form. By incorporating natural and enhanced use of texture and color, I convey a multi-layered image to the viewer. “I rarely set out to shoot a specific subject, but I am attracted to subjects as I encounter them. My work then reflects a myriad of subjects from landscapes, still- lifes, cityscapes, architecture, and nature. I have found that my interest is particularly drawn to images with reflections and shadows.” I print my images primarily on 100%cotton smooth fine art paper. This provides an image that is slightly softer in edge which replicates the look of a fine art print/ painting.

Background Artwork: "Flowers Along the Stream" Mixed Media by Nancy Bossert.

Upcoming Art Exhibitions:

June: Lehigh Art Alliance (LAA) - Plein Air exhibit

July/August: Music themed Art Exhibit (OPEN CALL)

Click here for more information.

September: Auction for the Arts (accepting donations)

October: Diane Horoschock exhibit 

November/December: Member's Group Exhibit

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